Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lucky That You Not Buy My Photography Service

This morning I received a call that ask for "How Much?" to create a 360 degree product photography. As usual I give him my email address and ask him to send me some reference images / link with the result we need to deliver. And after couple of hours I got a email with this... Now I understand that this is a China way of deal, we will not get any details before we give a price (strange? but it's how they work ;) normally China photographer will say "這樣呀!"while they arrive the location). The location is in shenzhen, and we need to do the 360 degree shoot in a factory... We need to provide lighting, backdrop, or whatever to make the shot happen... so I quoted a minimal fee CNY12000 for a day shoot not included once off materials and post production (we don't know what vr player will be use, and how much is the license etc.) And after a minute he reply he just got CNY6000... and I told him his offer is too low to make the shoot happen. Case close. Thanks alot, now I don't feel I am in risk any more. PS: Am I being unprofessional for treating a photographic case? Yes! but ... it's what I being forced to do everyday.

via Ken Tam Photography Blog

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