Sunday, November 25, 2007

Create lighting setup diagrams with just the browser

Scott David Garson provide a superb solution run inside the web browser.

If you like to create a lighting setup diagrams, but don't want to learn any graphic software.

It's flash based web application, check it out if you feel interest.

Cae annual report 2006

CAE image is photography by our photographer Jim Peng. The photo is about their China tutor working inside their flight Simulator location in their China base.


3 x Canon 550 EX
A. with blue gel
B. with on flash diffuser on.

Final image

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Volex Annual Report PART II - Business Portrait

Since client want some traditional portrait (Studio like), so we have to find a plain white background, and there is only one small wall that have perfect surface outside the wash room. So we have to use it.

Light setup

1 x 600w mono head
1 x reflector handhold by my assistant

Final Image

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Volex Annual Report PART I - Group shot

Assignment for create new images for their annual report. Images include a few portrait of the directors, group shoot of the board of directors, key people working inside their facility.

Since we don't have a location scouting before the assignment, so we need to bring more then enough equipments by my experience.

The group shoot

Since the client want more traditional group shot instead of some creative one.

Inside the facility there is only a small lobby that can do that, it is because the wall already have Volex logo and some poster frames with their corporate color (as the client request), so we choose that as the backdrop, but there is a problem ... the right side of this lobby is a big grass window and grass door, it's the main entrance of the facility. So the lighting in the right side is out of control (sun light), and the left side of the room is petty dark.

We start setup ... while the directors in the board meeting.

I ask my assistant as the target, and stand in the different position of the directors suppose to be, balance the lighting and ensure every face to be well lighted .

Finally we need to find the way to light the super dark right conner of the logo.

Lighting Setup

2 x 600w mono head
1 x 300w mono head in background

Final image

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