Saturday, November 7, 2009

Photographer Roy Barker steal my photograph and refuse to PAID

Thanks Tineye that make me find out who is using my images with out my written permission.

I have been write an email to Roy Barker and ask for the fee as he had been using my image since 2009/08/07 in the url .

I also commented on the same article (in his site), but the comment believe to be modulated by some of their operator.

Somebody now take down my photograph and act as nothing happen.

There is no one send me a single email regards about this Copyright thief issue.

You may also take a look on his website, and find out does your photographs is used by this guy without a payment.

If you want to know who he is ... Here is part of the bio copy from his site .
Roy Barker is an established photographer from the land down-under. He contributes photography information to assist those with a passion. Importantly, he also promotes photographic equipment and services he thinks have an educational or function beneficial to his visitors and more importantly, his subscribers.

Does he paid for other STOCK Photo using in his sites as well?