Friday, December 27, 2013

Asked: X Pentax K-3 Profile

Alexei T. : "Yes, you did. Thank you, Ken!I just wish that you will add some more profiles into your K-3 profile bundle in the future.I think that your current profile is Dual-Illuminant profile that you created with ColorChecker. I suppose that this profile is good in general use but is still not very presice in difficult lighting conditions." Yes I do use Color Checker to create profile for every single different commercial photograph. This is a must for every professional photographer. Actually everyone who own a Color Checker can create a profile for himself. I usually create a general profile for my casual shoots, like my daily photo & street shoot. Since K-3 now offer the best AWB (Multi AWB), I will use it and it's M-AB more for my casual shooting. And that is why the X Pentax K-3 Profiles Pack created. I use self create camera profile for different camera since 2004, and I understand that there is many shots you actually cannot shoot a CC in advance.

via Ken Tam Photography Blog

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