Friday, November 20, 2015

Satel One Testing Is Done, Can Use In Real Production At Next Photographic Assignment

Satel One is a self contained battery flash like HD600 or roverlight it state that is 600ws but actually it is 400ws as out test (1/2 stop less than other 600ws flash). Just 2.2kg included battery and with a handle on top... I love handle! The Good: Flash output is very stable not much +/- 1/10 happen as other similar flash I used. The Strange: It's digital power control seems fault but still workable (it is 6 Step with 0.1 increment)  as below. 1.0-2.0 = 1 Stop 2.0-3.0 = 1 Stop 3.0-4.0 = 1/2 stop 4.0-5.0 = 1/2 stop 5.0-6.0 = 1/2 stop

via Ken Tam Photography Blog

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