Saturday, December 17, 2016 new design

The website have been redesign, and still rely on plone with my limited IT skill. What's new? Recreate a website for audiences, but not google. In the last website we have a lot of bullshit repeat text due to the seo with google. Recreate a website for people who want to see a lot of photographs, they don't understand photographer should just show the best 8 as portfolio. Recreate a website that work with full screen reading although I never do that. Enhance the website work extra well with mobile phones. Yes,  now they can swipe! Simple navigation. For me photography just two genres either for business or for personal. One have license fee and the other don't ;) Enhanced new blog name ProTog that fit people who want larger photograph and also people want smaller fit for their mobile phone. Enhanced load speed.  As usual, don't ask for too much. I am just a photographer not web developer. Report bugs as you like.

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